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Welcome, my name is

Mitchell Mathews, LCSW

I am a passionate and enthusiastic therapist who wants you to succeed. I provide ethical, honest and evidenced based services that are uniquely tailored to your situation. I feel rewarded as a clinician when a client tells me that our time together has made an impact in their life. You are a work in progress not the final product. 

I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to individuals and Couples. Some of my areas of focus include Mens Health, Fertility/Maternity support, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Teens and Veterans. 

I would love to get connected for free 15 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit. 

Welcome, my name is

Mitchell Mathews

My name is Mitchell Mathews, I am a licensed clinical social worker and currently provide psychotherapy to Texas residents. I aim to promote healthy masculinity and develop strong leaders for our families and communities. Men often struggle with feeling inadequate, undervalued, overworked, and emotionally disconnected. I provide support to you as an individual but also strive to strengthen you role within the family unit.

Our Mission Statement

Provide ethical and effective mental health services with the purpose of building resilient individuals, families, and communities. 

Our Mission Statement

As a company we pursue the provision of ethical and honest services to clients in need. We seek to assist our patients in finding clarity and resolve by maximizing strengths and developing internal resiliency

Our Services

Together we will overcome obstacles and promote growth.


Feelings of hopelessness, isolation, cognitive deficits, and a loss of joy can be debilitating and impact your ability to function in daily life. My approach to address depression is integrated using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychotherapy. Together we will identify thoughts and behaviors that are maladaptive and furthering depressive symptoms.


Are you experiencing excessive nervousness, uncontrollable physical symptoms, or panic attacks? If you are then you may benefit for a mixture of Cognitive Behavioral therapy and supportive therapy. For my clients with anxiety, we first identify negative/anxious thoughts then work together to develop a treatment plan focused on minimizing anxiety symptoms, The development of coping strategies including pace breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation can be useful tools to take control of your anxiety.



It is an unfortunate truth that we will all experience loss at some point in our lives. Whether your loss is expected or unexpected it is “normal” to be confronted with feelings of anger, depression, and guilt. We will work to normalize your grief and I will help you navigate the path ahead. With adequate support, introspection, and time acceptance is possible.